Under Floor Insulation (UFI)

What is Underfloor Insulation UFI?

Underfloor Insulation (UFI) is installed between floor joists or under the subfloor in homes and buildings with suspended floors like crawl spaces or basements; To reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency, underfloor insulation Typically made of fiberglass, foam, or cellulose,

Why is it beneficial to have UFI?

Underfloor insulation is an important part of having an energy efficient home. UFI helps to keep your floors warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Underfloor insulation reduces draughts and improves indoor air quality, which will help to save you money on heating and cooling costs.
Is it worth insulating a floor? Insulating parts of a house typically has a high return on investment. Insulating a floor can net a homeowner around a 10% savings in energy costs, but that number can rise if insulation is added to a home with a crawl space.

How we provide this service?

The best way to insulate a suspended floor is to push quilt-type insulation between the joists from below. The quilting is supported by plastic netting additionally, insulation can be provided using tongue-and-groove wood-fibre board by fixing it to the undersides of the joists.

What Benefit does UFI give?

By preventing warm air escape and cold air entry, UFI also helps reduce noise transmission, improve indoor air quality, reduce moisture and mould growth.

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